Let our fully qualified Therapists introduce you to a host of alternative treatments. Situated in the Club’s purpose-built Health Spa, these Therapies are delivered in one of our four treatment rooms.

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The Fountain Spa offers a Physiotherapy service on Tuesdays between 5pm and 9pm. This service will cater for a number of aches and pains through delivery of a fully qualified and experienced service / treatment. Click here to find out more.

Sports Massage
Not just for Sports Stars. This is an ideal treatment to alleviate recurring pain, tension, aches and pains experienced by all. Sports Massage looks to manipulate and rehabilitate muscles, tendons and ligaments. This is an ideal treatment if injured, competing or simply tense.

Indian Head Massage
A treatment that concentrates on the Head, Neck and Shoulders. Focusing on these areas makes this treatment ideal for targeting the relief of headaches, muscle stiffness and the reduction of tension. Indian Head Massage can be invigorating whilst being a truly relaxing experience.

Chiropractic Clinic
Although chiropractic is very effective in relieving back and neck pain, the role of a chiropractor extends far beyond “fixing bad back”. By working primarily with the spinal column, the Chiropractors’ ultimate goal is to restore, maintain and optimise spinal alignment and nervous systems function.